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ExpressJet has been providing the best possible service to its passengers for years now. Although, the best think about them is how encouraging they are towards their employees as well. This, in turn, gives the much-needed incentive to the employees to give their best for the company and provide satisfaction to the customers.

The XJT Portal helps newer employees to get their hands on the different benefits that ExpressJet give to their employees. These include health and medicinal benefits, so, you wouldn’t want to miss on the portal. If you’re new to the company, here’s all you need to know about the portal and how to login.

Brief Information About XJT Employmee login Portal:

XJT website for employees is one way to enter the portal that is meant for the employees of the airline. As the airline hires employees in a large amount, this portal helps them to do the needful.

ExpressJet Profile

One needs to keep a background check on the company before they join. It is best for potential employees to know these few facts about the company, as for a clearer vision for the company. ExpressJet has flight bases in Chicago, Cleveland, Houston, and Newark and takes around 3,300 flight schedules every day. The airline services are available in almost all the airports in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. For the safety of their flyers, the airline has taken up a decision to bring Embraer E175 by 2019. Till the past year, the airline was operating the ERJ14 and CRJ200.

Now that you are familiar with the background of the company take a look at the benefits that can be availed if involved with this airline:

  • Health care packages can be availed by any eligible employee. The airline takes care of almost every health-related problems for its employees.
  • The airlines also provide with life insurance, in case of an accident involving the airline.
  • The airline also provides employees with long term disability insurance. However, this benefit can be only availed by employees on a full-time basis.
  • Insurance for short term disabilities.
  • Assistance Program: As an employee of the airlines, you will be eligible to participate in the assistance program. The assistance program is nothing but a consultation session that is provided for both yourself and your close ones. This program will help you get some consultancy for any personal problem that might be bothering you and your family. As this program is available for everyone working with the airlines, you can avail it without hesitation.
  • Future planning: The airlines make your future secured too. You will be provided with a package when you retire, which will help you out during old age.
  • Leaves: Airlines can get a little stingy while granting leaves. This is not the case for the employees of this airline. You can get a leave whenever you ask for. Other than medical leaves, the airline provides leaves for holidays and other personal reasons too.

Steps For Accessing the XJT Portal:

Create an account for the employee portal:

Every portal requires the need to register yourself before you can get access to it. Here are the steps of creating an account in the XjT portal.

  • Step 1: Go to the official website
  • Step 2: Click on the create account button; you can find this button below the login button. Click on ” I agree” after going through the terms and conditions of signing up.
  • Step 3: Before creating the account, you will have to verify yourself as an employee for the airlines. You will need to enter your employee ID number for the same.
  • Step 4: To proceed to enter your date of birth by clicking on the little calendar like symbol on the side. You can easily choose your date, month and year.
  • Step 5: Type in your SSN now. The SSN will be written on your id card, or you can seek help from the administrative.
  • Step 6: After all the details have been filled, you can press continue for further processing.
  • Step 7: This is when you will be required to create your password. It is essential to create a very strong password. Use a combination of letters and numbers for better safety.

Now that your account has been created a login to the portal. Here are the few easy steps of logging in

  • Step 1: Visit the official website.
  • Step 2:Type in your user id.
  • Step 3: After you enter the user id, enter your password.
  • Step 4: Press the login button, and you are in.

The login procedure for both mobile and laptop remain the same. However, there is no mobile application yet for the portal.

Steps For Recovering Your Account:

Sometimes you can forget your password for logging in. This should not be a problem, as there is a scope to change your password with the help of the following steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the login website.
  • Step 2: Select forgot the password, below the register button.
  • Step 3: Type in your employee number, date of recruitment, date of birth and SSN for verification.
  • Step 4: After the verification process click continue.
  • Step 5: Create your new password, and then return to the previous page for logging in.

You can even contact helpdesk or customer care service in case you are facing any other trouble for logging in. The customer care service is extremely friendly and can help you out with whatever queries or troubles you might be facing.

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