SBCglobal Login – AT&T Portal Login Guide

An e-mail account can be really beneficial for an artist, a businessman or even a regular worker. It is still a widely used online communication method and nearly all of the formal office conversations take place through e-mails. One of the best e-mail services is the SBC Global portal.

SBC Global Portal: Introduction

SBC Global portal is a popular online e-mail platform used by numerous consumers every day. Belonging to SBC Communications, it provides domain names to its users in the United States of America. Initially, SBC Communication was an individual power, it later merged with AT&T Company turning into SBC Global AT&T Company. Since 2005, SBC Global AT&T has been a go-to e-mail service for the people of Texas and the Midwest.

Many bloggers, website owners, and companies have their own domain name. If you are a creator and looking to use the service, you need an e-mail account. Create an account and register on the portal. Once you log-in to the SBC Global portal, you can easily send messages to other users of SBC Global and receive messages from them as well.

How to get the SBC Global domain name:

After you have created an e-mail account, you would have to register your name on the portal. While you are registering yourself, you would need to provide your mobile number and the ZIP code. After you have filled in the details, you will receive your e-mail address with the domain name. This domain name would be named after the username. You can access the created SBC Global account anytime you want. All you need to do is visit the portal and complete the log-in in a few easy steps.

The domain names created before they merge are still accessible, although most of them have been connected with Yahoo. Many times, on accessing the domain names ending with, you would be directed to Yahoo.

Benefits Of SBC Global Portal:

E-mail is just one of the many uses of SBC Global portal. Although the main attraction of the web portal is its e-mail service. But there are several great features of SBC Global portal that makes it stand out from others.

  • News provider: It is a great news service. Its users can read breaking news via its News Feed. You don’t have to wait to start your TV or look for a website on the search engine. You will get regular news updates as messages.
  • Lifestyle and Entertainment: Entertainment is an important part of life. Everyone loves either movies or music or both. Similarly, lifestyle is another big part of life. And it evolves every day. Many people wish to get instantly updated about the food around the world, a recent innovation in home improvement, health or beauty and of course the various gossips that we get to hear every day. The lifestyle and entertainment section of the portal allows you to get regular updates and news related to the genre.
  • Sports: The web portal also provides news related to sports. Using the service you can check the match schedules, know about the debuts and retirements, and what new bets a team would place.
  • Finance: The SBC Global portal has a library worth of information and news updates about the financial world. There are certain tips and hints related to success in finance present on the page.
  • Weather and Horoscope: There are certain sections of news that don’t use big spaces but are equally important. You can easily find the weather reports and predictions in one corner of the web portal.

You can even read about your horoscope if you are an astrology fan. You don’t have to buy a magazine subscription to get daily, weekly or monthly updates about your horoscope.

Signing into the SBCGlobal Portal:

To sign in to the SBC Global you need to follow minor instructions and some easy steps.

  • Go on the SBC Global portal and start using which you can access
  • Next, you have to sign-in to the portal and you will be taken to the log-in page.
  • Fill in the correct details such as User ID in the field that will be provided to you.
  • Enter the password set up by you.
  • You can click on the keep me signed in button if you wish to.
  • Now you can continue to use your account by clicking the Sign in toggle button. Then you will be taken to your SBC Global account.

In case you wish to sign out, you can simply click the Sign Out button. To access your account again, you can follow the previously mentioned log in steps.

Account Recovery After Deactivation:

If you had any issue because of which you cannot find your account or accidentally you have deactivated your account, you can easily recover your account and its data. To recover your data, you would need to visit and click Sign In. You will be taken to the login page where you can click on the Forgot User ID option. After pressing the link, you will be taken to the reset User ID page. To reset your account you will have to provide the contact e-mail or a phone number registered to AT&T and then the ZIP Code.

After you have completed all the required procedures, your recovered e-mail will be sent to you in the contact e-mail. Resetting the password takes a similar process. All you need to do is press the Forgot Password link below the Forgot User ID link and you will be taken to the reset password page. There you would have to enter the User ID and type in your last name. After clicking the Continue option, you can recover your password after a few easy and short steps.

SBC Global Customer Support:

You can contact the SBC Customer Service using either of these methods:

  • AT&T Support or AT&T Customer Service on the website
  • Contact Number available 24 hours
  • Social Media

SBC Global portal has made online communication faster and safer. Create an account on the web portal and enhance your communication and news consumption.

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