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Lowe’s Store which was founded way back in 1946 is known for its home improvement services. They have a very large network of stores in North America. They have a very large employee base.

What is Myloweslife?

Lowes have a special portal for their employees. This is known as the myloweslife. There are a number of things that the employees can do on this portal. This portal is not just for current employees. Even ex-employees can access this portal. The main objective of the portal is to help the employees get all the work-related information in one place. People who are not former or existing employees cannot access this portal. If any illegal access is found then it can have serious repercussions.

Details about myloweslife login credentials:

The employees and ex-employees can log in to this portal only if they have three important details. First is the User Id. This is called a Sales number. The second is password. The third is a security question that the employee needs to answer. New employees can get these details from the HR department. The login method for existing employees and ex-employees is different.

Log in process for existing employees:

  • The employee must access the link
  • On the top, there is the “Login” tab. The employee needs to click on this tab
  • Now the employee has to enter the Username or the Sales number and the password
  • Click on “log in” tab to log into the portal.
  • Once the employee has logged into the portal he has to choose the applicable option from
    “Full Time” and “Part Time”
  • Now the employee will reach the Dashboard from where he can access different details

Log in process for ex-employees:

  • The ex-employee must access the link
  • There he will find an option that says “Are you a former Lowe’s employee” and a “Click here” tab. Click on this tab.
  • Now the person will be taken to a page where he will be asked to enter the relationship that he has had with the store.
  • Now the person will be taken multiple links which will take the person to the page that will tell him about the benefits that he still gets from the store.

The process to Reset the password:

  • It is possible that the employee may forget his password. But there is nothing to worry as there is an option to reset the password.
  • On the log in page below the Sales Number and Password tabs, there is a “Forgot Password” option.
  • The employee needs to click on this option.
  • For verification purpose, the employee will be asked to answer the security question
  • Follow the instructions to reset the password.

Here is what current employees can do on this portal:

The current employees can check their work schedule on this portal. They can trade their shifts on this portal. They can also change their shifts over here. They can check details about their salary. Any other information about benefits, work-related information etc can be obtained from this portal. If the employee wants to apply for a promotion then that too has to be done through this portal.

Here is what ex-employees can do on this portal:

Ex-employees can check the details about their employment on this portal. They can also check if they are still getting any benefits from this store.

What to do if the login is not working properly?

First one needs to check if the login details have been entered correctly. That checks if the Sales number and the Password have been entered correctly. If both the details are correct then just log out of the website. Clear the cookies and then again try to log in. Sometimes the browser that one is using may also be creating problems. If an outdated browser is being used then naturally you will face issues.

Try to upgrade the browser or one may also switch to another browser. The device from where one is trying to log into the portal may also be the problematic factor.  In that case, one may try to log into the portal with the help of some other device. In case the problem persists then it is better to report the problem to the HR department so that they can resolve the issue.

The above log-in processes are only for former and existing employees. Unauthorised access can lead to prosecution.

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