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The United States Postal Services or USPS is one of the largest postal networks in the world. This network has a large number of employees. Naturally, it will be very difficult to manage the database and information of all these employees. Liteblue has made things very easy for USPS. Wondering what is this thing? Then read on to know more details about the same.

What is Liteblue USPS? is the official website of the employees of the United States Postal Services. This website has made it very easy for the employees to get all the information that they need. It also helps in faster communication within the network. This is a very useful website for the USPS employees as they can do several things through this portal. They can get a fair idea about their career development from this website.

They also get information about service performance. The employees also get details about the revenue that has been generated. They can also view details like available products and people who are getting recognition. The employees can give their feedback through this portal. They can also change their LiteBlue password and can access PostalEase.

Things to remember before you login to LiteblueUSPS website:

Only members of USPS have access to this website. Unauthorized access can result in the initiation of legal action and prosecution by the USPS authorities. You will need employee id and the password to log into this website. The employee id is a unique alphanumeric id. This is given to the employee in the first week of his employment in the USPS. The employee can get the employee id from the earning slip. This employee id will be the username that the employee has to use to access the website. A temporary password is given by the HR team which the employee has to change once he accesses the website.

Procedure For USPS Login:

  • First, you have to go to the login page on the Liteblue website that is
  • Here the employee will be prompted to enter the username and the password in two blank spaces.
  • The username is the employee id of the employee
  • As for the password, the employee has to set up the password in the Self Service Profile application. New employees can ask for a temporary password from the HR department.
  • Enter the details and click on the logon button. Now the employee will log into the website and he can get all the information that he needs from the website.
  • In case the employee has forgotten your password then click on Forgot password link. The details will be emailed to the employee. The employee can then reset the password.

Methods to change the password:

Now the first thing that we need to consider here is that why an employee will want to change the password. There are chances that the employee may have forgotten the password. The employee may also change the password for security reasons.

There are 2 methods, using which the employee can change the password.

Method 1:

  • On the log in page below the username and password tab, the employee will see “forgot your password” option.
  • The employee must click on this link.
  • Clicking on this link will take the employee to a verification page.
  • On this verification page, the employee has to enter the Employee Identification Number.
  • The employee needs to enter this number and click on “Continue” tab
  • A link will be emailed to the official email id of the employee. This email will have the password reset link.
  • The employee has to access the email and click on this link. Once he clicks on this link he will be taken to a page where he will be asked to type the new password.

Method 2:

  • There is a link of USPS for resetting the password. This link is
  • The employee will be asked to enter the username.
  • The employee must enter the username and click on the “Continue” tab.
  • The password reset link will be emailed to the official email id.
  • The employee must access the email and click on the link. The employee will be taken to a page where he can reset the password.

Only Employees of USPS who want to access their account through this portal can follow the instructions given above.  Non-members are not allowed to access this website.

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