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A business or a company that is spread on a huge level with a lot of workforces is required to constantly handle and maintain proper employee care and interrelationship that is the relationship between employer and employee. This is very important as a good Employer-Employee relationship will create a positive impression thus yielding better results in the business too. A happy employee brings a happy customer and for a company with a presence across the globe, it can be tough to maintain proper contact and relationship with its employees.

The top-level officers are usually the one who employs a person in the company. They have to look after the common needs of those People, maintaining a healthy contact and relationship and keep them satisfied from their side so that the employee’s trust remains intact with them. Maintaining a balance is a very crucial thing and organization have to do or its ill effects will be seen in overall efficiency and decline in profits and sales. An Organisation having thousands of employees needs to address their activities and hence it becomes quite necessary to have a common ground with a solid and proper base for its workforce. is a website of Kroger Co. to have a full database of its employees. It ensures that all its employees have access to this website so they can remain in touch with the core principles. The website contains all the vital information such as work schedules, targets, duty roasters, employees active, salary slab, news and updates about the company, project details, etc. In came into existence in order to satisfy the employees and to record their feedback, valuable suggestions, grievances, applications, etc.

Kroger Co. – Complete Information

Kroger Co. is an American retail company that is presently the fifth largest retailer in the world and the United States’ largest supermarket chain in terms of revenue. It was founded back in 1883 by Bernard Kroger at Cincinnati, Ohio and its headquarters is also located at the same place. Native to America, It is also the fourth largest employer in the United States with about 450k employees working at about 3k stores across the USA.

It operates directly or through its subsidiaries with store format of hypermarkets, supermarkets, superstores, departmental stores, fuel points jewelry stores. It owns two e-commerce companies. Currently, Kroger is operating Food Processing units, Super Markets, Fuel Centers and in-store medical clinics. Its total revenue for the year 2019 is US$121.16billion. The Kroger Co. It has a very huge and successful business which is very diverse in range and has a very large employee force.

What are the Kroger Subsidiaries?

A family of about 24 Branches, its subsidiaries are Cala Foods, Pittman Jewellers, Fred Meyer Stores, Pick n’ Save, Metro Markets, City Markets, Mariano’s Fresh Market, King Soopers Megamart, Dillons, Ralphs, Fry’s, Barclay, Copps, Quality Food Centres, Fuels Centres, Clinics, Smith’s Food and Drugs etc.

Greatpeople.Me – Introduction

It is a website owned by Kroger Co. For its associates and employees of the company and its stores. This website is created for the employee so they can access Company profile & News, Work-Related information online through a secure web portal. The employees can access anything and everything Kroger wants to keep transparent for its workforce. Information on employees profile, online training, seminars/webinars, attendance details, schedules, campaigns, meetings, leaves, salary slabs and slip, individual performance, store performance, sales, turnover and many more company-employee policies and relationship-related news, updates and other work-related documents are available for access for the company employees only.

The website is meant to create a common and collective virtual environment for associates and employees where they can exchange information in each other’s benefits smoothly and in less time than traditional paperwork kind of work culture. is meant only for the associates and employees of Kroger. In order to access the website, you have to be employed wit Kroger co. Which will then provide you login credentials Viz username and password?

Advantage of Login Portal

The main advantage website serves for Kroger and its employees is total contact of employees with the organization hence promoting a better employee-employer relationship. Also, it keeps all the vital information for access anywhere and anytime for the employees keeping lengthy and bulky paperwork on the verge. This also promotes a good sense of responsibility to the employees, keeps them satisfied with their management making them trust their employer more and believing in the core values and principles of the organization. Directly or indirectly this results in increased efficiency of the operations yielding good results in business, profits and sales. Employee welfare always brings good results, increased efficiency, and output for an organization.

Logging, Accessibility, Terms, and Conditions:

Not everyone is permitted for access to portal. Only an employee of Kroger Co. or its subsidiaries can have access to the website that means if you want to access then you should be a regular employee of Kroger Co. or one of its subsidiaries. The company provides its employees with login credentials for the website in the first month of joining itself.


  • Stable Internet Connection
  • Mobile or computer device with an internet browser
  • Username and Password for the website

Kroger Login Steps:

  • Now that the features and benefits of using greatpeople me have been enlisted, let us learn how to log in with your account to access the content available on the platform.
  • Visit the website ( to login into the platform.
  • Enter your Enterprise User ID into the section present on the right side of the page. (Note that if you haven’t been assigned your EUID login by the organization, contact your manager.)
  • Next, after entering your password, click on “Sign In” to access the online platform.

Once you are all set, you have to visit the official website and login on the page. You cannot access even a single page of the website without logging in. The user interface of the website is different and depends upon the position of the employee in the organisation. A manager may have more tools and access to information than that of an executive. If you are not provided with the login credentials, contact your direct manager or the Human Resources department.

Final Words:

Rodney McMullen, CEO and Chairman of Kroger Co. Says we care about our half a million workforce growth and development and believe in encouraging lifelong learning and reinforce our ‘come for a job, stay for a career’ culture. Education and Information to the employees in a generous way is the best way to support the future of both the organisation and its employees.

Kroger even has a different portal called ‘ExpressHR’ to manage all the recruitment process for its employees. Greatpeople and ExpressHR are two different portals used for different purposes at Kroger Co. Nowadays, more organizations are using such portals for employee welfare and company news bulletins. These tools have proved to be efficient for some of the very common addressing an organisation needs to have with its employees.

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