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The Ford Motor Company’s Ford Connect is an online platform for their employees. Ford is a globally renowned automobile manufacturing company. It was founded in 1903, and the current headquarters are located in Michigan. It has seen a steady rise in its development graph and is a very popular automobile brand all over the world. They also sell commercial vehicles and also produce automotive parts and components. Ever since industrialization happened, the automobile industry has grown multifold, and thus, Ford has prospered.

It is the second-largest automobile company in the States, right behind General Motors and is the fifth-largest automobile manufacturer in the world. To have tasted such success, Ford has hired many educated and premium employees. And after launching the website, they also introduced the FMC Dealer portal to help the employees. This article also contains details on the significance of the Ford dealer connection.

FMC Portal Login Page: Guide

Before you create an account on the FMC employee portal, there are certain eligibility criteria that you must fulfill because Ford only offers limited access to this website. Not every employee can access this portal. Only full-time employees, retirees, hourly employees, and the living spouse can access the portal. Even salaried and affiliate employees can also access the FMC portal. The web browser of your system is also crucial to accessing the service. If your web browser is Internet Explorer, then you need a 5.0 or a higher version. You will also require your FMC account credentials before logging in. Having a CDS ID or User ID is very crucial. After completing all of the steps mentioned above, here’s what you must do-

  • Visit the official FMC website– Always try to log in from the official merchant website. Alternatively, you can also visit other sites which let you access the FMC portal
  • Read the Terms & Conditions– After logging in, make sure you go through the Terms & Conditions and agree with them to access your FMC account. Accept the clauses that let the portal access your data and privacy (by agreeing to cookies).
  • Enter the ID– Every Ford employee is given a unique User ID, that needs to be mentioned while logging in. Your identity card has the CDS ID or the User ID.
  • Enter the password– After the Username, you must enter the password to your FMC Dealer account. Make sure you keep your password in secrecy and choose a difficult one to avoid any mishaps. It is recommended to regularly change your password to safeguard your account.
  • Login– After entering your password, click on the Login Button to access your Dealer account.

How To Access Your Account If You Cannot Recall The Password?

By now, you must have realized the importance of knowing all the login credentials. However, you are bound to forget the password to your account. Thus, there is a provision to regain your account if you have forgotten your password.

The FMC Dealer Portal provides you with a reset password link to access your account. This link is valid for all the employees that have a dealer account. Given below are the steps to reset your password-

  • For Affiliates and hourly employees– If you are an hourly employee at Ford, then to retrieve your password or User ID visit the FMC Dealer portal and verify your eligibility. This will require you to upload some data. You need to enter your surname, the last four digits of your Social Insurance Number, or you can enter the Social Security Number. Lastly, enter the service date and if you can’t recall that, just use the link given on the website.
  • For Retirees– Even retired Ford employees can access their Dealer accounts since the CDS ID is unique for everyone. The procedure to reset your credentials is the same as that stated above, for hourly employees.
  • For Non-salaried employees– If you are a non-salaried employee, then you can only recover the password and not reset it. Submit your User ID and then follow the instructions given to recover your password.
  • For Suppliers– The FMC Dealer page also provides a link to reset the password of a supplier. Being a migrant, you should visit Covisint and login from it.

Significance Of Ford Direct Dealers & Ford Connect:

The Ford Dealers website is as good as any showroom. It has a catalog of all the vehicles and their accessories that are available across Ford showrooms. If you plan on buying a Ford vehicle, you can easily review the price and other factors on this page. As a customer, you can interact with the customer support to help you find your perfect choice.

Being an employee at Ford, this website is extremely crucial for you as it lists out the specifications of all the automobiles, which helps in attracting customers. Everything is mentioned, every detail, on one concise platform. Thus, the interface should be simple and immaculate. The website must be accessible on all devices like phones, PC, etc. The design should be elegant and intriguing. The better the website, the better are your chances of selling a vehicle. The developers have indexed each page with SEO, which helps in better search results.

The website must have the following features-

  • Should support the mobile version across all platforms
  • The website must be so convincing that it converts the visitors into buyers
  • Sell your website under the pretext of dealership branding because the market is becoming very ‘brand conscious’.
  • To ensure that your website is displayed on the top of any search results, you must incorporate SEO
  • Ensure around-the-clock customer service
  • The website must be easy to maintain since the content needs to be updated regularly

Thus, the website is an integral part of the marketing strategy adopted by Ford. Make sure you have valid credentials to access your account.

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