Corrlinks Login – Guide For Access Corrlinks Premier Customer Account

Communication has become the backbone of society. The communication has reached a level where each and every moment is actually communicated with each other. This increase in the need for communication has lead to many advances. The smartphones and the development of the internet are considered as one of the theses.  These developments are of no use when one is trying to contact a family member or a friend who is in prison. This is because these technologically advanced devices are actually restricted and sometimes forbidden to be found in the hands of the inmates.

Contacting them can be a hassle due to the difficult and time consuming procedures that one needs to go through to get permission to visit them. Then again this is difficult as one needs to reach the prison on the specified date or else the chance is revoked. Then again once the person reaches the prison to visit the inmate there are countless checks and procedures that need to be completed before seeing them for a short time. This is the time where the use of corrlinks login can save a lot of time and money.

A Brief Information About CorrLinks:

The website corrlinks is set up to help the inmates of a prison connect with their family easily and without any problems. The system is uniquely positioned to help the people connect with their inmates and keep the information flow continuous. This system was developed by the Federal Prison Bureau to reduce the hassle on needs to go through when they are planning for a visit. This system also reduces their work time; this can further be used to strengthen the security system in the prison.

The system is designed in a special manner that it is simple to use yet only accessible when on the invite link form an inmate has. This means that one cannot simply create accounts on corrlinks without any use. This also limits the traffic data on the website; this reduced traffic means that there is a quicker and efficient connection for the inmates and their outside family member.

Necessities for Accessing the CorrLinks Platform:

The making of the account is very simple. There are three major options when one is deciding to make an account to keep in touch with an inmate. The first option is through the website on a computer. The second one is through the mobile browser on the phone and the third option is through a specific app from the website. There are 4 main things that are necessary to get a good communication with the inmate from corrlink. They are described as below

  • The first requirement is a basic requirement. This is the need to have a good device which one can use to open corrlink and send the emails. There is a need for a fast and efficient device. The faster the device means the quicker the other side can receive the emails and information.
  • The second need is a constant internet connection. The network connection is used to transfer the mails quickly; there is a need for constant and un-interpreted internet connection to reduce the chance of any interruptions and delays while the communication is going on.
  • The third requirement is the need for a valid email. This is simply to help you recover the password in case of forgetfulness.
  • The fourth is simple but very difficult to get. This is the invite link to join the service. The login is actually limited for families and friends of inmates only. This invite links are sent by the inmates to their respective personals to keep the contact. One needs to have this link ready before registering in the corrlink platform.

Creating The Corrlink Account:

The process for creating the account is very easy once all the necessaries are ready. This account can be created by anyone who has created any accounts for any of their social media. Incase if you are new to the account creation process hers a small guide to help you.

  • Visiting the website. Any device can be used to visit the website. This can either be an android device, iOS device or any other computer operating system like windows.
  • The second step is to click the register button available on the page. It is recommended that one read all the rules and regulations that are available for one to read. It is better to read them and not discard them like how one treats other rules and regulations placed on the internet.
  • The third step is to fill a form that contains the details that are needed for a person to make an account. These include first and last names, email, a strong password, and the invite code sent from their inmate.
  • The next step I to confirm that one is aged above 18, and also complete the captcha to prove that they are not a robot. After this step, the account will be active and can start sending the messages

Sending a message through corrlinks:

Sending the message is very easy once one gets the hang of it. There is a need to add an inmate to the contact list of the website. All one need to do is select the prison they are in, then type in their registration number and name. From the above process, he will be added to the user’s contact list. Then the user needs to select a contact before typing the message he intends to send. Before sending the message make sure that the message is as compact as possible as there are a few rules which are followed by the inmates when they are using corrliks to connect with their families. Some of these rules are given below

  • The inmates need to pay for their internet use. They need to pay for each and every minute and the cost is usually around 0.05$ per minute.
  • If the message is long, they can print the letters but they cost about 0.15$ per page.

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