AMU Student Login – How to Access American Public University

American Military University which is often abbreviated as AMU is a university for military learning and training which is affiliated with American Public University (APU). The entire education and learning of this university are online. So, one can study and get every material online. You can study anytime and anywhere as it is very convenient to study online. If anyone has a keen interest in a military or civilian career, they can join this course to become an army official or a commando. There are different courses from bachelor to masters to certification courses offered by this university.

The academic office of AMU is in Charles Town and Manassas, Virginia is its administrative office. APU is not a part of the Military or government of the USA. As the learning is done online, a student must have a valid id and password to log-in into the account and access the materials including the syllabus and course details. Even the student must submit their assignment and projects online. In case of any queries, the student can ask their doubt to the online faculty and support staffs.

How to Login for AMU website?

If you have opted for American Military University for military training and practices and you got selected, they will provide you a student ID and a password through which you can login and find your resources for the course. Below are the steps you need to follow to login with your credentials with this website. These are:

For a laptop or desktop computer:

  • Basic needs include a laptop or a personal computer or a smartphone with an internet connection to access your account.
  • Now, open the official website portal of American Military University with any browser you have.
  • Search for the log-in link which is at the top right corner of the website and select it to open.
  • Choose student and login with the credentials provided by the university. This includes your student ID (provided by the university at the time of enrolment) and password and submits it.
  • Voila! Now you can access your student account and find the useful resources and materials provided by the university. You can access this anytime and everywhere.

For a smartphone:

  • You need a smartphone with a secure internet connection.
  • Open the play store and download the AMU mobile application firstly from your iOS or Android phone.
  • Install the application by accepting the terms and conditions and policies of it and open it.
  • Now, it will ask for your student ID and password. Fill your credentials with the provided ID.
  • Submit it and now you can use your account to start your training and learning process. You can also gain access to many things given by the university.
  • You can also select the ‘Remember Me’ box so that you don’t need to type again and again the same thing.

Why AMU is beneficial?

So now when you know the details of the American Military University, you must also know why you have to choose this university only? What are the benefits of this website and why it is beneficial for you? Below are the benefits of registering and applying for a course with American Military University:

  • Online course: Firstly, this course is completely online. So, you don’t need to give any physical presence to anyone. You can participate in this course sitting on any side of the world. You can learn anywhere with the help of internet connection.
  • Convenient: It is very convenient to learn via such a course as you don’t have any campus foundation. You can learn from wherever you want. You don’t need to sit in any particular area and learn from this course.
  • Help center: The support services in the form of live chat, email or phone call, is very helpful at the time of problem or issues. If you face any technical glitch, you can contact them in a different form and they will respond to your problems.
  • Unique: This course is very unique as military learning and that also online, it sounds something else only. Most of us never heard about such courses of the military. So, it is a very different thing to learn.

How to ask your queries online?

When you study offline, you can directly ask your queries or doubts about your faculties or teachers. But this is not the case with the online courses. You have to ask your queries indirectly and that also with a proper channel of communication. You need to post the queries and select what this query is for and what kind of query it is and so on. It is basically a long form of communication. But in case of problems, you have to pass through this channel and resolve your issue.

So, if you are having any kind of issue or problem with anything, you can contact to support staffs via

  • Live Chat: If you are too lazy to call and can wait for the AMU staffs to reply to you, you can chat with them live. This may take some time, but it is very convenient also. You can chat with them and get your problem solved. There are many problem solvers who will resolve your issue.
  • Mail: You can also mail the support staffs. You need to be formal while talking with them. You must keep a professional or academic tone and talk with them. You can mail via a physical letter or via an email. Just make it sure, you don’t have any kind of typos in it.
  • Phone Call: This is the fastest way to contact with AMU staffs. Get their number from the website and contact them or call them. They will respond to it in the quickest they can. They will surely solve your issue fast. There are certain steps you must follow and then they will respond.

Your all queries will be answered and your issues will be solved via the details provided on the website in the form of mail, phone call, and live chat. You can find all these on their website.

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